"Talents Shine Like Starry Night"Invitation Exhibition of Fine Arts of Jiangxi in Beijing Inaugurated at the NAMOC

Source:: Time:2018年06月29日

"Talents Shine Like Starry Night"Invitation Exhibition of Fine Arts of Jiangxi in Beijing -- Exhibition of Fine Arts of Jiangxi in Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening up and Series of Activities of the Mass Cultural and Artistic Festival in Honggutan of Nanchang was inaugurated at the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) in the morning of June 2.
Jiangxi has a long history and profound culture. It has been enjoying the reputation of "a place with abundant natural treasures and the birthplace of luminaries." Celebrities in Jiangxi include three of "Eight Great Prose Masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties" as well as masters in calligraphy and painting, such as Zhu Da (a famous painter of the Ming Dynasty), Fu Baoshi, Huang Qiuyuan and so on as praised by the lines "the mighty county spreads out immensely amid the fog with numerous intellectual luminaries". Its profound culture gives birth to the unique humanistic spirit of it. In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, a hundred artists from Jiangxi were invited to carry forward the excellent traditional culture, display the brilliant achievements of the various fronts of Jiangxi and sing praise to the era, heroes and life with art. Their works embody their loyalty to the party, love for the motherland and people and faith in socialism.
In a speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Mr. Wu Weishan, the Director of the NAMOC, praised, "Jiangxi has a long history and deep-rooted culture and made much achievements in red culture, the innovation culture since the reform and opening up, and the contemporary culture oriented by the Chinese dream which write complete and beautiful poems. Today, the exhibition themed on “Talents Shine Like Starry Night” held at the National Art Museum of China shows the humanistic features of the past as well as the present of Jiangxi. The prosperity of contemporary art depends on talents and their works, and cultural self-confidence depends on history and creation. The National Art Museum of China also provides vigorous support for the exhibition, and displays the works of the masters, such as Zhu Da, Fu Baoshi and Huang Qiuyuan, to echo with the theme of creation. Today's innovation is rooted in tradition and Jiangxi's cultural confidence originates from its deep-rooted history; Jiangxi's prosperous culture relies on these artists' vigorous creation in the new era".
"Talents Shine Like Starry Night" Invitation Exhibition of Fine Arts of Jiangxi in Beijing is the largest, most high-profile and most influential cultural gala held at the NAMOC by Jiangxi Province, with 230 pieces of art works ranging from Chinese painting, oil painting, lacquer painting, sculpture to ceramic art being displayed. Some works are classic works of the senior artists and some are the great works of contemporary young and middle-aged artists in Jiangxi; some works are works that were entries of previous national exhibitions and some newly created works in recent years. These works have different themes, are with rich connotations and vary in forms. They reflect not only the people's life and history but also the spirit of innovation of the times and voice of vicissitudes of the world, thus representing the brilliant achievements made in the art creation by Jiangxi.
By showing the brilliant achievements of Jiangxi's reform and opening up and in the new period of socialist modernization with art, the exhibition is to encourage Jiangxi artists to put Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era into practice, commit themselves to the realization of the Chinese dream, be the spokesmen of the new era, and create more excellent works reflecting the well-being of the people and endeavor to enable the Chinese people to have more faith and be more determined in realizing the rejuvenation of China, promote the prosperity and development of Jiangxi's literature and art and write the new art chapter of Jiangxi.
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