Chinese Freehand Brushwork - Art from China Consults Art NAMOC Visits the National Art Museum of Belarus

Source:: Time:2018年05月16日

On May 8, 2018, Chinese Freehand Brushwork - Art from the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) came to the National Art Museum of Belarus. The exhibition, as an important project under the cooperation framework agreement between the National Art Museum of China and the National Art Museum of Belarus, received strong support from the Chinese Embassy in Belarus, Chinese Cultural Center in Minsk, the Ministry of Culture of Belarus, and the Belarusian Cultural Alliance as efforts to explore possible collaboration opportunities cultural exchange between China and Belarus. Chinese Ambassador to Belarus Cui Qiming, NAMOC Party Secretary Zhang Shijun, the First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture Yazk, and Head of the Confucius Institute at the Belarusian State University Tozik Afanassievich attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Close to 200 people including envoys of various countries in Belarus and news media were at the event too. The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Vladimir Prokopov, Curator of the National Art Museum of Belarus.
The exhibition carefully selected 22 Chinese freehand brushworks from NAMOC collections, covering classic works such as Chinese paintings, oil paintings and sculptures, aiming to allow Belarusian audience to appreciate the unique charm and poetic implication of Chinese freehand brushwork, and as efforts to continue communication between the two countries.
From the perspective of vertical history and horizontal cross-media perspective, the exhibition combs the freehand drawing spirit embodied in different styles of paintings and works of different periods. Through the works, the audience could perceive Chinese imaging, traditional flavor and modern form’s complementing each other; the inheritance, transformation, sublimation and extension of the traditional art language used by a few generations of Chinese artists; and the “reliving” of the humanistic spirit in the 5,000-year Chinese traditional context; and the aesthetic realm that was refreshing and free, pure and transparent.
After the opening ceremony, Curator Vladimir invited guests to come to the sculpture Wen Dao, or Asking the Way, introducing to the guests the work, which, according to him, conveys the idea that the two countries' culture “seeks the other party as its mentor for a way of art, the truth of art.” Then the Curator recited the handwritten calligraphy translation of NAMOC Director Wu Weishan’s poem in Russian:
Great peaks stand between heaven and earth,
Streams in high mountains murmur gentle,
Asking saints a thousand years back,
The moment now is most wonderful.
The exhibition will be on display until May 20 and will be presented in Halls 1, 8 and 9 of the National Art Museum of China. (Closed on Mondays)






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