"Creations by Ingenious Hands - 2018 Pan Bolin Pottery Works Exhibition" Unveiled at the NAMOC

Source:: Time:2018年05月16日

National Museum of Art of China, May 12 - On May 11, 2018, the "Creations by Ingenious Hands - 2018 Pan Bolin Pottery Works Exhibition" kicked off at the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). The exhibition was jointly hosted by NAMOC, China's Non-material Cultural Heritage, Guangdong Chinese Culture Promotion Society, Publicity Department of the CPC Foshan Municipal Committee, Foshan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television and Press, Foshan Federation of Literary and Art Circles.
Mr. Pan Bolin, born in 1953 in Shiwan, Guangdong Province, is currently a master of Chinese arts and crafts, a master of Chinese ceramic art, a senior arts and crafts artist, Director of the Seventh and Eighth China Artists Association Guangdong Branch, the First Deputy Head of the Committee on Ceramic Arts, China Ceramics Industrial Association, and fourth Executive Director of the Guangdong Provincial Arts and Crafts Association, Sixth Vice President of the Guangdong Ceramics Association, First Executive Director and Honorary President of the Foshan Ceramics Industry Association, Successor of the Guangdong Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage, Chancheng Craftsman, Professor of Fashion Design Institute of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Visiting Professor and Graduate Tutor of School of Fine Arts & Design,  Guangzhou University, Vice President of Foshan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Dean of Institute of Guangdong Bolin Ceramic Art, and Director of the Bo Lin Museum of Art.
Shiwan pottery is a representative of Ling’nan culture. “Shiwan Doll” with its both form and spirit is unique in the history of Chinese ceramics. Shiwan ceramics boasts an antique and simple feature. Ingenious as it is, it was included in the first batch of the national "intangible cultural heritage" in 2006. After inheritance of generations of Shiwan potters, Shiwan Dolls are known both at home and abroad for their unique artistic charm and beauty. As an influential figure in the Shiwan pottery community in recent years, Mr. Pan Bolin has opened up a creative route featuring local customs and become a representative of an innovative school of Shiwan pottery. His works have also inspired the creation concept of a new generation potters.
After nearly 2 years of meticulous preparation, this exhibition selected 74 masterpieces from the works of Mr. Pan since he was in the art field. In addition to exhibiting his craftsmanship and other artistries such as the appropriate ancient and modern day themes, the application of the kneading model texture, and the nation’s first cross-border use of materials, the exhibition also features a synchronized publication of many of Mr. Pan’s well-known works, review articles and papers over the years in the form of catalogue and proceedings, making it a channel to learn about more about Mr. Pan’s works.
The exhibition will be on display in Hall 7 and last until May 20 (Closed on Mondays).





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