National Art Works Collection and Donation Award Project: "Opening Peace and Security for All Ages – Yu Youren Calligraphy Exhibition" Kicked Off at the National Art Museum of China

Source:: Time:2018年05月16日

On May 11, 2018, the National Art Works Collection and Donation Award Project: "Opening Peace and Security for All Ages – Yu Youren Calligraphy Exhibition" hosted by the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) kicked off at the National Art Museum of China.
Director Wu Weishan said: “Calligraphy is based on words. During its long-term development, various types of chirographies have been produced. Each type expresses an image and Chinese people’s aesthetic values. The process a piece of calligraphy was produced contains the artist's understanding of words, content and the exertion of the situation at that time, full of the calligrapher's own understanding of culture and the expression of his/her unique personality, all of which contributes to its high artistic value. Mr. Yu Youren is one of the greatest calligraphers of the 20th century. He created his own cursive script to comprehend and understand all the calligraphy creations of his predecessors in a standard cursive style. This is a symbol of our nation’s creative wisdom. Mr. Yu’s influence in the calligraphy community is great, and not only that, he has a great influence in the cultural community and the society as a whole. He, whole character and scholarship merge with his calligraphy art into a whole, makes him an object of worship for many cultural workers. Mr. Yu’s bright expression in his deep eyes along with his long beard fused together with his calligraphy art.” He also introduced that NAMOC does not have an enough calligraphy collection of the 20th century, and it is a blank when it comes to Mr. Yu Youren’s works. Learning about this, Mr. Zhu Yilong said that as long as NAMOC desires, he would donate it free to the country. His remarks impressed and touched all.
Mr. Zhu Yilong noted that: “To open peace for all ages, preach with calligraphy, express feelings with characters to carry democratic integrity and national passion. Mr. Yu Youren is a spiritual coordinate and accompanies me through all my troughs or climaxes, alerting, stimulating, promoting and accomplishing me.” He said that Mr. Yu Youren had always been looking forward to the country’s independence, unity, and prosperity before his death. According to Mr. Zhu, this was not only Mr. Yu’s personal wish but also a dream of the Chinese people from generation to generation. As a returned overseas Chinese, Mr. Zhu took also this dream as his lifelong ambition, hoping that Mr. Yu's patriotism and national consciousness and its magnanimous, tactful philosophy of life, his broad-minded, majestic, grand, magnificent and varied temperament would reside deep in the spirit and soul of future generations.
Mr. Li Gangtian said that Mr. Yu Youren's calligraphy expressed the spirit of traditional Chinese culture. In his calligraphy, we could see Confucian thoughts of neutrality. His calligraphy also embodied the strength of character of the literati, the landscape of the times and nobility. He was not only a calligrapher. He was also a poet, a literati, a patriot. When we looked at Mr. Yu Youren’s calligraphy, we could feel the spirit that an era needed to be recalled. This was the power demonstrated to us by Mr. Yu’ integrated cultural power, artistic charm and personality charismata. The significance of Mr. Yu Youren’s calligraphy was not limited to calligraphy, but to the entire traditional culture. It was the reflection of the spirit of Chinese aesthetics as expressed by General Secretary Xi Jinping.
Mr. Yu Zhongling expressed his gratitude to NAMOC, Yindi Art Museum and the guests. He said that 2019 was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Yu Youren, and there would be many commemorative events around the world. Distance, oceans, nothing would obstruct cultural connection and communication. Mr. Yu Youren’s exhibition at NAMOC carried a deeper significance in terms of cultural exchange at home and abroad. It was a major event in the history of Chinese modern calligraphy and would be an active promoter for the development of Chinese calligraphy art.





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