Lacquer artworks across the Straits is on display

Source:: Time:2014年12月17日

An exhibition is currently on display at the museum to showcase the lacquer art across the Straits. The exhibition comprises a total of 280 artworks out of more than 1800 artworks across the Straits. It is the first lacquer artistic exhibition participated by the cross-Straits lacquer artistic circles, boasting the largest scale, highest level, most exhibits and the most comprehensive categories across the country. The lacquer art boasting the excellent traditional culture with the Oriental characteristics, has become an important cultural carrier of promoting the Chinese civilization and humanism.

Wu Weishan, NAMOC director, said at the opening ceremony, our ancestors discovered the magical material of the lacquer and cherished its gentle brilliance and mild feel. The lacquer art has provided valuable resources and laid foundation to the development of modern lacquer art.

To a large extent, the exhibition reflects the overall level of the modern lacquer art. Especially in terms of cross-Straits exchange, the show indicates the close bond across the Straits in the fields of the culture and the emotion. The exhibition comprises the artists of different generations, from both the public and the academic institutions. The exhibits reflect the modeling concept and the way of the academic education, the photochromic system of the Western paintings and value pursuit of the modern art and the contemporary art. In particular, the lacquer art boasts the feature of the modeling in the way of expressing the realistic themes, which is different from that in the oil painting, the traditional paintings, the watercolor and the sculpture.

An academic seminar was held to discuss the theme of the lacquer art and the life attracting the artistic critics and artists across the Straits.

The exhibition opens at Hall 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9 until Dec. 11.








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