Chen Lizhong shows sculptures in Shoushan stone

Source:: Time:2014年12月17日

An exhibition is currently on display at the exhibition to showcase the sculptures in Shoushan stone by Chen Lizhong. Born in 1968, Chen Lizhong started to learn the sculpture in Shoushan stone since childhood and later from Feng Jiuhe, famous Chinese crafts master. Devoted to the sculpture for three decades, the artist has developed an artistic creative path with rich artistic connotation, unique style and skilled techniques. The exhibition comprises a total of more than 150 pieces of sculptures created by the artist in recent years.

Compared to most of the artists engaged in the sculpture in Shoushan stone, Chen Lizhong poured his pursuit of the art and the nature into the artistic creation. He regards the orientation of the people as the starting point and ultimate value in his artwork. The range of the creation theme is intensive, especially the creation about the swan, the eagle and the lotus are marvelous achievements. By taking the creation and the expression method of the painting, the artist has introduced a series of strong artistic language of the humane color to the sculpture and further expanded the expression space of the sculpture. Chen Lizhong has also broken away from the tradition of expressing the aesthetic themes of the sculpture.

In the past thirty years, Chen Lizhong has been involved with the realistic life. By taking in the nutrition, the experience and the tradition of the artists of older generation, the artist has made great innovation. The artist has abided by the artistic concept, namely, people-oriented, preference of the art to the material and the respect of the nature. Chen Lizhong has integrated the essence of the traditional culture with the sculpture of Shoushan stone.

The exhibition opens at Hall 5 and 7 until Dec. 10.





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