A sculpture exhibition of Wu Weishan is displayed at National Museum of China

Source:: Time:2014年12月24日

December 13 is the first Chinese Public Memorial Day for the victims of Nanjing Massacre. In remembrance of the victims and in commemoration of the 70th victory anniversary of the War of Chinese people’s Resistance against Japan and the War all over the World against Fascist, an exhibition is currently on display at the National Museum of China to showcase the sculptures by Wu Weishan with the theme of extension projects of the memorial hall of the victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese invaders.  The show is sponsored by the National Museum of China, Chinese Artists’ Association, Chinese National Academy of Arts and the National Art Museum of China,

Displayed are masterpieces such as The members of one's family are partly dispersed and partly dead and Fleeing from calamity.

Entrusted by the party committee and the government of Jiangsu province, professor Wu Weishan created large-sized commemoration sculptures for the memorial hall in 2005. The sculptures comprise four parts, namely, The members of one's family are partly dispersed and partly dead, Fleeing from calamity, Ghosts cry out and The wall of victory. The sculptures, completed in Dec. 13, 2007, are the landmark of the memorial hall.

A total of 12 sets of sculptures are expected to reflect profound humanity expression and skilled artistic expression and further disclose the crime by the Japanese imperialists.  

The series of the sculptures won the achievements award of the city sculpture construction (the highest award) for the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China granted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Culture. They have received high evaluation by more than 30 experts across the globe. The artworks were displayed in the UN headquarter in New York in 2012, the National Museum of Rome in Italy in 2012 and Pohang Art Museum in South Korea in 2014.




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