Two sculptures by Salvador Dali are donated as collections of NAMOC

Source:: Time:2014年12月17日

Huang Jianhua, a collector, donated two pieces of sculptures by Salvador Dali to the National Art Museum of China. Salvador Dali (1904-1989) is the most prestigious super-realism master in the 20th century. He not only created a large number of super-realism oil paintings but also made contributions to engravings, sculptures and other objects. The two donated artworks, created in the 1970s, indicate great concern of Dali to the religious and legendary themes during “classic stage”.

Fauno Hombre Cabeza Cuernos, completed in 1973, embodies the image of the faun in the ancient Roman legends.

Saint Sebastian, finished in 1974, portrays the disciple of the Catholic church Saint Sebastian, who is always the creation subject of the artist for his handsome appearance.

The National Art Museum has been dedicated to soliciting, collecting and doing researches into the masterpieces of the world-famous modern artists. Paying special attention to the undertaking, Wu Weishan, NAMOC director, proposes that the National Art Museum of China should keep an open mind in collecting the masterpieces from China and across the globe. Director Wu has advocated the patriots should donate the artworks to NAMOC since he took the post this September.  .

The two pieces of sculpture by Salvador Dali will be collected by NAMOC permanently. They will be displayed outdoor in the yard of the museum in order to give full play to their greater value and role.




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