The 12th National Exhibition of Fine Arts and Exhibition of Nominated Works for Chinese Fine Art Awards, Creative Awards is on display

Source:: Time:2014年12月25日

The 12th National Art Exhibition has opened for two periods of time. Firstly, a total of 13 exhibition areas were open from Aug. 15, 2014 to Sept. 29, 2014. Among areas, the traditional Chinese paintings were located in Tianjin, the oil paintings in Hangzhou, the engravings in Guangzhou, the sculptures in Taiyuan, the watercolors in Wuhan, the murals in Beijing, the lacquer paintings in Fuzhou, artistic designs in Xi’an, artworks from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas in Panjin, experimental art in Beijing, comprehensive paintings and cartoons in Jiaxing, paintings of comprehensive materials in Shijiazhuang and ceramics in Xi’an. A total of 4,391 artworks out of 24,000 candidates were displayed. Secondly, the 12th National Exhibition of Fine Arts & Exhibition of Nominated Works for Chinese Fine Art Awards, Creative Awards is currently held in Beijing. The show comprises a total of 576 pieces of works, 160 of which are the award-winning artworks of the 2nd Chinese Art Exhibition and Creative Awards. Abiding by the principle of fairness, openness, transparency and putting quality before quantity7 pieces of artworks are offered gold award, 18 silver award, 49 bronze award and 86 excellent artworks.

The 12th National Exhibition of Fine Arts advocates the creation orientation based on the people, pays attention to the development and progress of the time and the tradition and conveys the value concept and cultural ideal, which is positive. Compared to the exhibits five years ago, different categories have made new and rapid progress. The exhibits reflect strong characteristics of the time and different ethnic groups. The artists are conscious to integrate the artistic creation with their own experience, and attaches great importance to the creation theme of reflecting the realistic life and the outlook of the people in the new era. The exhibition is expect to convey artistic feelings of loving the nation, the people and the life, boast the image of social development, economic prosperity, cultural progress and the well-off life and represent the mainstream tendency of creation, research and exploration in the Chinese artistic circles.

The exhibition opens at all the halls until Jan.5. The exhibits will be displayed in tour exhibition in Shanghai, Shandong and oversea countries like Japan, New Zealand, USA and Italy.

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