Out-of-Print Wood Engraving of Pu’er is displayed

Source:: Time:2014年11月02日

An artistic exhibition of out-of-print wood engraving of Pu’er is currently on display at the museum to showcase more than 60 artworks. Emerging in the 1980s in Pu’er, Yunnan, out-of-print wood engraving is a kind of woodcutting technique. It boasts the advantage of saving the plate, but the original plate is destroyed after the completion of the artwork. It is different from traditional multiple colored woodcutting, which can reserve the original printing plate.

Out-of-print wood woodcutting, deep-rooted in the local area and the tradition, integrates with the world and the factors of the contemporary art and boasts brand-new sense of times while promoting ethnic cultural spirit. Out-of-print wood engraving has developed for over 30 years and become one of four big Chinese print schools. It is a legend of modern art created in Pu’er, which is also the source of tea in the world. In recent years, the woodcutting has gone global and has been displayed in the USA, UK, France, Germany and Sweden. A total of 63 pieces of exhibits reflect artistic exploration of the local artists in the past 2000 years and show local custom and natural scenery in Pu’er.

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