The school of Chinese realistic paintings celebrates

Source:: Time:2014年11月21日

An exhibition is currently on display at the museum to showcase the paintings created since the school of the Chinese realistic paintings was founded a decade ago. The exhibition comprises a total of more than 450 paintings by 31 artists including Jin Shangyi, Chen Yifei, Ai Xuan, Yang Feiyun and Wang Yidong. Included at the show are also a number of sketches and manuscripts by the artists rarely known to the public. In addition, the show displays a large-sized painting entitled “Warm-blooded May”, a collective artwork for charity sales after Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008.

The exhibition is expected to provide a review of remarkable achievements of the Chinese realistic school in the past ten years. A total of thirty artists who has joined the school have become one of the main forces of the contemporary Chinese oil paintings. With respect to the tradition and the painting language, each artist has explored unique expression of local emotional experience in personal style and feature.

As the title in terms of the creation way and the style, the school of the Chinese realistic paintings has boiled down to the spirit of the realistic school. Its development process in the past decade has witnessed the school has enriched its artistic language and expression methods and further adapted itself for new aesthetic requirements. The realistic paintings are regarded as carriers of the diversified thoughts and emotion of the modern people and the spirit and the aesthetics of the Oriental art. The exhibition is intended to reflect broad development prospect and vigor and highlight the meaning of the establishment of the school ten years ago.

The exhibition opens until Nov. 17 at Hall from 1 to 9.

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