China Neo-classical Art Association holds an artistic exhibition

Source:: Time:2014年11月04日

2014 Annual Exhibition of China Neo-classical Art Association is currently on display at the museum. Since the founding of New China, a realistic painting


boasts specific historical contexts. All kinds of arts serve for the socialist realism, however, it is very hard for the artistic connotation and appeal of the realism highlight itself restrained historical contexts. With the impact of the economic development, the realistic art was led to a layer of simplicity and


The exhibition is expected to express the understanding about the life through the concrete way and reflect the thoughts of our generation. The realism is just a tool along with the market economy and the digital age. Any concept should be implemented through a specific language. The video, the device and the behavior art are only expressive methods in the contemporary time as the realism. The painting should reflect the concept on the basis of maintaining its dignity. 

The exhibition opens at Hall 6 until Sept.18.

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