Original works of straight photography is on display

Source:: Time:2014年11月21日

An exhibition entitled “Journey of the Heart” is currently on display at the museum to showcase original artworks of straight photography created from 1839 to 2014.

Timeless Gallery along with artists, founds and collectors donates a total of 100 original works of international photography to the National Art Museum of China. The donation has filled the collection gap of original photographs by major photographers in the history of the museum. Such selfless donation will help promote the people’s donation to the donation to public artistic institutions as a way to expand public collection by national artistic institutions and further make more people appreciate the world-class artworks.

The exhibition reflects the development process of the school of “straight photography” in the 175-years history of the international photography and will be an important witness of the history of Chinese photograph. The show displays more than 200 original works of photographs by a total of 53 international photographers. 

The exhibition is expected to trace to the source of the international photograph for the first time in China. And it is an international photograph exhibition with the largest number of original works, the clearest records of historical development and the most concise artistic structure.    

The exhibits are intended to reflect the transformation of the photography from pure images to unique medium language and aesthetic value. Meanwhile it is the first time that the exhibition sorts out the relation of all the participated artists and with their friends or family in the terms of the photograph history.

The exhibition opens until Dec. 10 at Hall 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17.





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