An artistic exhibition of Wu Liangyong is on display

Source:: Time:2014年10月20日

An artistic exhibition of Wu Liangyong is currently on display at the museum. The exhibition comprises a total of more than 100 paintings of calligraphic artworks and paintings created by the artist in different periods along with six architectural projects. The exhibition is hoped to fully reflect unremitting pursuit of the artist in the field of artistic creation during the process of academic exploration.

Wu Liangyong has shown his true love o the painting as an architect. The exhibition comprises a number of precious artworks created since the 1940s until his later life, which embody his outstanding talent and continuous interest in paintings. The artist has established solid modeling ability by learning from the masters in the terms of painting skills and regarded the painting as the way to observe the life and the nature and feel the architecture and the environment. Devoted to artistic creation, Wu Liangyong has the insight as both a painter and an architect and expresses his sharp feeling. His watercolor paintings, the sketches, the ink paintings boast high level colors, especially combing space modeling of the western paintings and line presentation of the Chinese art. The artworks reflect strong poetic images and present elegant tone and the style of the master.    

Meanwhile, the calligraphy is also an important part of the artistic life of Wu Liangyong. His calligraphic artworks reflect his thought of the architecture culture and the accomplishment of the traditional culture. The artist writes down an article about his concept of architectural culture and artistic reflection, which is shown at the museum.

The exhibition opens at Hall 1, 8 and 9 until Sept. 9.

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