An engraving exhibition is unveiled for memorizing Deng Xiaoping

Source:: Time:2014年09月19日

Sponsored by CCCPC Party Literature Research Office, the Chinese Artists’ Association, an engraving exhibition entitled “The story of the spring” is currently on display at the museum. The exhibition is intended to sing the praise of the great time of reform and opening up. The exhibits provide an intensive review of the history and express deep memory of Comrade Deng Xiaoping by the artists.

As the first nation-wide engraving exhibition with the theme of Deng Xiaoping, the exhibition is expected to reflect the development of a period of the time from the artistic perspective. Planned three years ago, the exhibition includes two parts, firstly, masterpieces created by the printmakers invited by the exhibition since 2011, and secondly excellent artworks selected from national artistic exhibitions and engraving exhibitions in the past three decades including more than 50 artworks winning the golden, the silver and the excellence awards.

A total of more than 90 engravings on display boast strong characteristics of the times and reflect the artistic achievements of the engraving art.

The exhibition opens until Aug. 26. After the show ends, all the exhibits will be collected permanently by the exhibition hall of Deng Xiaoping's former residence.

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