Bao Xianlun presents his calligraphic achievements

Source:: Time:2014年08月27日

An exhibition entitled “Meditation on the Past” is currently on display at the museum to showcase the calligraphic artworks by Bao Xianlun. The exhibition comprises a total of more than 100 artworks in a bid to fully reflect the thinking track and exploration achievement in the field of the calligraphy in the past decades of the artist.

Born in Shanghai in 1955, Bao Xianlun is currently member of the Chinese Calligraphers’ Association and deputy director of its official script committee and chairman of Zhejiang Calligraphers’ Association. The artist was fond of the calligraphy and the painting since childhood and made a systematic study on the traditional calligraphy and the related theory, learning from Xu Boqing, Jiang Chengqing and Cheng Heng’an. He has established his personal simple and lively style of the official script.

Engaged in the field of the calligraphy for more than four decades, Bao Xianlun is an explorer with historical emotion and modern awareness. The artist is skilled in coordinating the standard and the artistic temperament. The exhibition is intended to fully reflect the artistic creation of the artist and provide a review of his calligraphic concept.

The show opens at Hall 1, 8 and 9 until June 24.


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