A retrospective exhibition is unveiled to show artworks by Feng Fasi

Source:: Time:2014年08月27日

Sponsored by the National Art Museum of China, the Chinese Artists’ Association and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, a retrospective exhibition is currently on display at the museum to showcase excellent artworks by Feng Fasi in memory of the centennial birthday anniversary of the artist.

It is the first time to reflect extraordinary artistic journey of Feng Fasi and showcase excellent artworks about Anti-Japanese War in the 1940s. Despite arduous life, the artist created plenty of artworks. The exhibits cover a wide range of categories including the sketch, the scenery and the portrait oil paintings and also reflect touching scene in the rear area during the war from different perspectives. The artworks are regarded as important chapters of the Chinese oil paintings created during the war.   

The exhibition is intended to highlight the process of learning, research and creation of the artist when he studied the oil paintings training courses of Maksimovich. The exhibition is expected to reflect strict artistic attitude and perseverance of the artist to explore artistic creation of the main themes as well as the path to draw teaching experience from former Soviet Union in the field of the oil painting in the 1950s and the experience.

The exhibition opens at Hall 1, 8 and 9 until July 8.

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