Zhou Jumin holds an ink painitng exhibition

Source:: Time:2014年08月27日

Hosted by the Central Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy and the Chinese Artists’ Association, an exhibition is currently on display at the museum to showcase a number of ink paintings by Zhou Jumin.


The exhibition comprises a total of nearly 60 pieces of artworks in four series, namely, the gardens of the Republic of China, the contemporary characters, the impression of India and folk customs of Tibet. The show is intended to fully reflect artistic pursuit and creation change in the fields of artistic creation as well as theoretical research in the traditional Chinese painting.

The show is expected to reflect tireless dedication and exploration of the artist in the field of the traditional Chinese painting. Among the exhibits is a large-sized thematic creation entitled Feng’an Funeral of Sun Yat-sen. Different from his ink paintings about the gardens and the contemporary character, the painting properly reflects the historical event in different perspectives. He makes good combination of different elements in the terms of the creation of the historical paintings, including major historical themes, major narrative scenes and large-sized traditional Chinese paintings of different characters.

The exhibition opens at Hall 5 until July 23.

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