Shang Ke shows his exploration achievements on wash paintings

Source:: Time:2013年12月13日

An exhibition of Shang Ke is currently on display at the museum to showcase a number of fine brushwork. The exhibits cover a wide range of themes, including realistic life and illusory scenes.

Shang Ke, professor of Nanjing University of the Arts, is skilled in fine brushwork. His artworks, filled with imagination, boast colorful image and novel composition like fairy tales. The artist combines the objects in different spaces and time all together, which makes the artworks apart from the traditional realism and realistic life. The exhibits reflect the artist’s in-depth understanding about the external world and the living environment of human beings.

Shang Ke has made active exploration in the field of modern ink painting. Thus, his artworks boast both strong individuality and modern meaning of his artistic creation.  

The artworks of Shang Ke boast strong modernity in the ways of the presentation of the color, the modeling pattern and the image. The characters are always put in the arrangement and the frame of different plants and items in order to bring about the sense of beauty.

The exhibition opens at Hall 6 until Dec.4.

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