Lv Shufeng shows his traditional Chinese figure paintings

Source:: Time:2013年12月03日

Sponsored by Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, the Artists’ Association of Shaanxi province and the Museum of Shaanxi province, a painting exhibition of LV Shufeng is currently on display at Hall 8 and 9 of the museum. 

Born in 1963, Lv Shufeng is associate professor of Department of the Traditional Chinese Painting of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition displays a total of more than 60 artworks by the artist in the past ten years, including Miners, People and Landscape of Tibet, Metropolitan Space, New Classics. The exhibits boast strong realistic creation skills and combination of the reality and the imagination. His ink paintings are of typical significance to the circles of the modern Chinese figure painting and academic artistic creation and practice.

The paintings of Lv Shufeng originate from the life. Born in Hancheng, a resources base in Shaanxi province, Lv Shufeng has focused close attention to the theme of miners since the 1980s. Tibet is another important theme of his paintings.  

Lv Shufeng is famous for his traditional Chinese paintings, which include line-drawing artworks and classic figure paintings. The artist keeps on recording his feelings through sketches and copying ancient line-drawing artworks. And the painter adopts ancient famous stories for his self-called “new classics”.

Lv Shufeng boasts unique perspectives in terms of the representation of drawing. The artist attaches great importance to not only creating visual impact and abstraction but also representing a kind of cultural appeal.

The exhibition opens until Nov.21, 2013.

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