Cui Jian show traditional Chinese painting about Oriental landscape

Source:: Time:2013年12月31日

Sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture, an exhibition is currently on display at the museum to showcase a number of ink paintings by Cui Jian in the past ten years. The exhibits comprise a total of more than 60 pieces of ink landscape paintings. 

Born in 1964 in Taidong, Jiangsu province, Cui Jian studied at Department of Arts of Nanjing Normal University and College of Arts of Nanjing Academy of Fine Arts. Cui Jian is currently national first-class artist.

As a professional landscape painter, Cui Jian owns persistent artistic pursuit and creativity. The artist has been engaged in creation and practice of modern ink paintings since the 1980s. making great efforts to pursue novel and unique representation method, Cui Jian has made his artworks characteristic and mature. He attaches great importance to expressing images and artistic conception with the boundary between the reality and the ideal and seeking spiritual inhabitation where the personal psyche and external reality. Although the objects are originated from the nature, the artist got inspired from accumulated experience and formed unique language of his landscape painting.  

The landscape painting of the artist boast the elements with modern composition and free-style development based the construction of the order of the painting language. The artist has converted the realistic scenery into the language of modern ink paintings with his personal features. 

Most of the artist’s ink paintings are in black and white instead of various colors. The subject of the image mainly tuned with the grey color conveys clean, comfortable and composed feeling. After long-time practice, Cui Jian has been engaged in seeking artistic conception and has established his own representation space of the landscape painting.  

The exhibition opens at Hall 4 until Dec. 15.

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