Su Guowei shows his lacquer paintings of Fujian province

Source:: Time:2013年12月17日

An exhibition called “Lacquer paintings in the southern style” is unveiled at the museum to display the artworks by Su Guowei, a famous lacquer painter from Fujian province.

As a young artist, Su Guowei made his name known based on his devotion and dedication into the field of lacquer paintings in the past decades. Closely related with local culture of Fujian province, his lacquer paintings reflect local scenery and customs of the southern part of Fujian province. The first solo exhibition shows a total of more than 30 lacquer paintings, which covers a wide range of themes, including the characters, the scenery, the flower and the bird. The show is expected to reflect remarkable achievements of the artist in the past over ten years.  

Skilled in the theme of characters, Su Guowei attempts to paint the colorful life in the Chongwu region of Fujian province in the language of lacquer painting. The most appealing artwork is named “Flowering age”, which won the golden prize at the ninth national artistic exhibition. the painting reflect the girls from Huian help each other dress up.

The scenery lacquer paintings are focused on the Hakkas or the southern part of Fujian province in a bid to express the sentiment and love for his hometown. Su Guowei prepares heavy color paint, adjusts the color and presents prudent and far-reaching image. 

The exhibition also showcases a number of experimental lacquer paintings, which boasts abstract and abundant texture and reflects his in-depth thought about how to extend the charm of the art of lacquer paintings.

The exhibition opens at Hall 7 until Dec. 15.

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