Zhan Hongchang and Chen Hang hold an exhibition

Source:: Time:2013年11月11日

An exhibition of Zhan Hongchang and Chen Hang is currently on display at the museum to showcase a number of masterpieces by the two artists. As their first solo exhibition of the artists, the show is expected reflect their unique artistic style and achievements. 

Zhan Hongchang and Chen Hang, a beloved couple, both studied in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in the 1960s. Zhan Hongchang learned the oil painting from great master Wu Zuoren, and Chen Hang learned the traditional Chinese painting from Li Keran. Both of them have brought far-reaching influence in the artistic circles.

The couple artists have been dedicated to artistic creation with heart and soul. Zhan Hongchang learned the European school of the oil painting which was quite different from the then mainstream school of the Soviet Union. During a total of 28 years when he worked in Hunan, the artist was engaged in creating quite a number of oil paintings with strong folk custom and modern style. The exhibition is expected to showcase post-impressionist oil paintings in bid to express his affection and emotion with his homeland. 

Chen Hang is an artist to receive the integration education of the Western and the Chinese culture prevailing in the 20th century and has made new discovery in the term of the material. The exhibition displays her wash paintings in the material of the sackcloth and the paper.

The exhibition opens at Hall 4 until Nov.12, 2013.

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