Chen Zhangji displays his exploration results in traditional Chinese paintings

Source:: Time:2013年11月26日

An exhibition “Year after year” is currently on display since Nov. 8 at Hall 7 of the museum to showcase a total of nearly 100 traditional Chinese paintings by Chen Zhangji in the past five decades. The exhibits boast a great variety of themes, including flower-bird, landscape and character. The exhibition is hoped to reflect remarkable achievements of Chen Zhangji in his long artistic devotion.

Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1961, Chen Zhangji stayed on to teach. As an artist growing in the 1950s, Chen Zhangji is capable in creating a number of important artworks, such as Spring Comes to Sunflower Land (1973) and A Bright Day on Xisha Islands (1976). His traditional Chinese paintings reflect his optimistic attitude toward the life and strong passion in artistic creation. His artworks have witnessed endless vitality and new charm of the Lingnan Painting School of the new generation as well as modern transformation of the traditional Chinese painting in the new period.

Chen Zhangji has been devoted to researches onto freehand brushwork in the traditional Chinese painting without the confinement of the Lingnan Painting School. The artist learned from masters in the 1960s, including Li Kuchan, Guo Weiqu and Tian Shiguang.

Most of his artworks are small-sized paintings and sketches from nature, which feature direct reflection of the life and diverse attempt and exploration. Such artworks require solid basic foundation, high cultural qualification and simple structure.

The exhibition will close on Nov.17, 2013.

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