A calligraphic exhibition of Sun Boxiang is on display

Source:: Time:2013年11月07日

Sponsored by Chinese Calligraphers Association and the National Art Museum of China, an exhibition of Sun Boxiang is currently on display at the museum.

In celebration of the artist’s 80th birthday anniversary, the exhibition showcases more than 110 pieces of calligraphic artworks and traditional Chinese paintings created in the past two years. The exhibits include both large and small-sized artworks. 

Sun Boxiang, born in Wuqing, Tianjin, learned calligraphy at his early age   and has been devoted to artistic creation. He used to learn from Wang Xuechong and Sun Qifeng.

Sun Boxiang was engaged in researches into the tradition for a quite long time including the regular script in the Tang dynasty and the stone tablet in the Northern Wei dynasty. The artist spent much time in copying, deliberation and observation on different styles, pattern and charm of the stone tablet in the Wei dynasty.

A collection book named “Sun Boxiang Calligraphic Art” is issued at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, which is his fourth solo artistic collection.

The show opens at Hall 1 and 9 until Nov.11 and will tour at Zhejiang Art Museum from Nov.15 until Nov. 21.

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