An exhibition is unveiled for artistic development of Nantong city

Source:: Time:2013年11月07日

Sponsored by municipal Party Committee and municipal government of the Nantong city, an exhibition entitled “Artistic conception” is currently on display at the museum to showcase great achievements of the city in the past century. 

As a famous historical and cultural city, Nantong boasts ancient cultural heritage and poses a unique position in the history of modern Chinese culture, science and education. The show is expected to provide aesthetic feast to the visitors and help understand the art and cultural spirit of the Nantong city.

The exhibition displays two parts, namely, paintings and calligraphic artworks, and historical documents related with the art in the past century. The first part includes a total of 86 pieces of artworks by masters, such as Chen Shizeng, Li Kuli, Liu Zimei, You Wuqu, Fan Zeng, Yuan Yunfu and so on. The show is intended to fully reflect overall strength of modern artistic creation of the city.

The exhibition opens at Hall 13,14,15,16 and 17 until Nov.5.

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