Yu Endong holds a calligraphic exhibition

Source:: Time:2013年11月07日

Yu Endong is holding a calligraphic exhibition at Hall 8 of the museum to showcase a total of more than 80 artworks created recently. He also issued his artistic collection named “Yu Endong Calligraphy” published by People’s Fine Arts Publishing House at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.
Yu Endong adopts ancient poems and articles as the materials, most of which are written in the running scripts. Despite few artworks in the regular and the seal scripts, the exhibits reflect prudent character and solid professional foundation of the artist.
The artist strives to make creation and innovation on the basis of taking in the advantage of different artistic schools. For instance, his calligraphic artworks boast simplicity and easiness as well as ingenuity and disposition.
The exhibition is regarded as not only a solo exhibition of the artist but also
a show to display great achievements of artistic creation in the Chinese petroleum circle. The show is intended to reflect “Daqing spirit” of dedication and service in the mind of the artist and his strong emotion to the oil field.
The exhibition ends on Nov. 11, 2013.

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