Jiang Caiping presents her six-decades artistic achievements

Source:: Time:2013年11月26日

Sponsored by the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Chinese Artists’ Association and the National Art Museum of China, a painting exhibition is unveiled to showcase artistic process of Jiang Caiping in the past six decades.           

As an outstanding artistic educator, Jiang Caiping worked at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition showcases a total of 130 artworks, including paintings with fine brushwork, heavy-color paintings and freehand paintings. Skilled in heavy-color painting, Jiang Caiping becomes main force of the program of revitalizing heavy-color painting initiated by Pan Jiezi. Jiang Caiping made in-depth research onto the subject of the dyestuff and made great contribution to the modern heavy-color painting. 

Her figure or flower-bird paintings boast auspicious and magnificent style. The artist focuses on the spiritual element of the painting and insists that the artworks with strong characteristics are most touching. So her artworks boast the positive spirit. In her opinion, the color is most important to heavy-color paintings as crucial factor for the effect of the painting. Based on the traditional paint, the artist developed a new category of called “high-temperature crystallization paint”.

The exhibition opens at Hall 1 until Nov. 21.

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