Han Jingting seeks his dreams in his literati paintings

Source:: Time:2013年11月22日

An exhibition named “Four Dreams in Painting” is currently on display at the museum to showcase a total of 50 pieces of paintings by Han Jingting. The four dreams in painting are pursuing a dream by riding a horse, seeking a dream beside a lotus pond, chanting a dream in poems and recording a dream in floral world.  Born in Dongliao, Jilin province in 1944, Han Jingting was graduated from China Conservatory in 1968. He started to work at Literature and Art Studio of Political Department of Air Force in 1976 and took in charge of the studio for more than two decades. He was regarded as renowned novelist equal with Wang Meng and Jia Pingwa in the literary circles. He started to draw in his later years.

Learning from Xu Linlu, the last disciple of Qi Baishi, Han Jingting concentrates his attention on paintings of man-of-letters integrated with poems and calligraphy and presents an unrestrained and graceful painting style. He made in-depth research into a number of such Chinese artistic pioneers as Wu Changshuo, Zhang Daqian, Fu Baoshi and some foreign artists like Vincent Willem van Gogh, Claude Monet and Henri Matisse. He proposed his innovative ideas about the traditional Chinese painting and pursued inspiration and natural feeling. XueYongnian, a renowned artistic critic, comments that the paintings of Han Jingting are bold and unconstrained with humor and deep love.

The exhibition opens at Hall 5 from Nov. 7 to Nov. 18.

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