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Art Exhibition of Valentin Sidorov and Andre Cavalichuckfrom Russia

  • Show Time: 2019-07-27至2019-08-11
  • Venues: Hall 13—17
    This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Russia. To promote international art exchanges with the Belt and Road countries, the National Art Museum of China has hosted this donation and collection art exhibition displaying a total of 59 oil paintings and sculpture works.  Mr. Sidorov and Mr. Andre have been committed to the development of the Russian art cause for a long time. They are awarded with the titles of people's painter and academician of the Russian Academy of Arts. They have served in succession as the chairman of the Russia Artists Association for 33 years, with remarkable achievements in the fields of culture and art. Their art stems in realism. One pursues the oriental sentiment in the landscape oil painting, showing the warm and lyrical tendency in his works. The other turns from realistic characters to the exploration of microscopic forms of object images and the spiritual significance, featuring calm and broad connotations in the works. Both artists show strong feelings for nature, nation, life and society, and express the beauty of art with true hearts.
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