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Still Waters Run Deep.-Zhang Zuying Art Show

  • Show Time: 2015-12-13至
  • Venues: Hall 1, 8, 9

 Zhang Zuyinghas been engaging in oil painting creation and study for a long period of time and is a distinguished oil painter of China. Receiving wide attention in art circle due to publishing of Experience Innumerable Hardship for Revolutionary Causein 1977, Zhang Zuying has created quite a few influential works afterwards. Attaching importance to oil painting’s self-language, Zhang Zuying uptakes nutrition from European traditional painting, combines it with Oriental cultural sentiment by virtue of strong ability of artistic modeling, recounts some modern philosophy with abstraction extracted from concrete visual experience. His works are concise and liberal, showing distinct individual style.
In artistic practice, Zhang Zuying realizes that art creation is more than to describe something accurately. It is important to describe with heart, to depict realm with heart and put the realm into picture, which is the so-called “painting is a reflection of inherent spirit” by the ancient. The works’ spirit supremacy originates from realm of mind while the realm of mind decides artistic level. Therefore,he has always taken a positive attitude to life. Zhang Zuyingnow acts as researcher of China Academy of Arts, vice chairman of Oil Painting Institute of Chinese Oil Painting Society, deputy director and secretary-general of China National Academy of Painting. He has once acted as secretary-general of Oil PaintingArt Committee of Chinese Artists’ Association,deputy director and associate editor of China Art Weekly. Zhang Zuying has been engaged in creation while doing research and art popularization over decades, doing a lot of contribution to China’s oil painting.

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