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Freehand China-Art Annual Exhibitionof China National Academy of Painting 2015

  • Show Time: 2015-12-26至2016-01-05
  • Venues: Hall 1-9, 13-17,19-21
From the end of 2015 to early of 2016, the National Art Museum of China will observe the grand holdingofFreehand China-Art Annual Exhibitionof China National Academy of Painting 2015, which is an important show on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of establishment of China National Academy of Painting. As an set annual exhibition of the Academy, Freehand China, which takes “reality being the great beauty ”as its tenet, stresses “one person one work”, centrally displays the latest creation achievements of nearly 300 researchers of the Academy during the year and puts emphasis ontechnicality and innovativeness. The exhibition aims to showcontemporary spiritual pursuit of Chinese people with unique way of thinking and form of language of each artist, highlight value judgment and aesthetic ideal of contemporary people, advocate Chinese spirit, study Chinese criteria and promote research and practice of Chinese contemporary art value system centered on “freehand spirit of reality being the great beauty”. The exhibition will present the public the latest fruits of China National Academy of Painting, realize public benefit and technicality of a national academy of painting and show its leading role to Chinese art, arousing attention and thinking to Chinese artistic spirit of both Chinese contemporary art world and the public, and boost continuous improvement of art creation.
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