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Combining Various Schools to Make an Innovation-Yao JianpingEmbroidery Art Exhibition

  • Show Time: 2015-12-01至2015-12-10
  • Venues: Hall 5

This exhibition,which is a splendid showcase to over 30-year embroidery life of Suzhou embroidery artist Yao Jianping, displays representative works of Yao’s embroidery art. Coinciding with the important government executive concept-Chinese dream,to realize Chinese nation's great rejuvenation, Suzhou embroidery learns widely from others' strong points and links up the East and the West, the ancient and the modern. It is inspired by this Chinese spirit, Yao Jianping,in entanglement and delight of failure and success, creates the uniqueRongzhen embroidery(combined stitch embroidery) , which is not only a method, but also a reflection to cultural dream and innovative ideas. It is another milestone in development of Suzhou embroidery.
The exhibits consists not only works reflecting delicate and graceful tradition and innovation of Suzhou embroidery but also thematic ones eulogizing the era with little silver needle. More particularly, the theme work Silk Roads series will be on show in domestic for the first time, which may have viewers appreciate elegant demeanor of Yao’s Rongzhen embroidery and special charisma of Suzhou embroidery art as national treasure in short range.

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