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Intention before Painting-Li Jiangfengand Guan Puxue Oil Painting Exhibition

  • Show Time: 2015-12-13至2015-12-21
  • Venues: Hall 13-17

The two female artists Li Jiangfeng and Guan Puxue engage in the same pursuit in art creation. The so-called “engaging in the same pursuit” means that they have many similarities or correspondence whether on understanding to art, perception to the world or even in way of creation, art course.
They both concentrated on painting flowers and vessels in their early years and possess common features of “placing intention before painting”. With time passing by, Li Jiangfeng becomes a professional painter of Beijing Painting Academy. Her field landscape affords for thought with its unique charm and pine tree in her recent works brings a sense of being vast and far-away. Guan Puxue becomes a professor of Shandong College of Arts. She has her imagination running on the pictures full of aesthetic feeling of music, alive with unrestrained but gentle temperament.
The time zips by.Durian more than 20 years of creative practice, the two artists experienced and perceived life, and found their own painting language. This exhibition should be taken as art delivery of the two artists by way of soul exchange.

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