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Brush and Ink Expresses Deep Emotions-Painting and Calligraphy Exhibitionto Celebrate the 70thAnniversary of China Association for Promoting Democracy

  • Show Time: 2015-12-01至2015-12-10
  • Venues: Hall 2, 4, 6

This year is the 70th anniversary of establishment of China Association for Promoting Democracy. In order to show new achievements of members in painting and calligraphy circle, enhance culture and art exchange and promote development of cultural undertakings, the Central Committee of China Association for Promoting Democracy(CAPD) organizes this exhibition. Yan Junqi, vice-chairman of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, chairman of Central Committee of CAPD wrote an inscription for the exhibition:“have both thought and action, gather wisdom and strength, take advantage of an opportunity and blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit.”

The exhibition will display over 150 works, including those of some older generation leaders of CAPD, CAPD members collected by NAMOC and master pieces of distinguished artists andCAPD members such as Feng Jicai, DuanChenggui, Yan Gongda, Wu Shanming, Chen Yongqiang, Tang Yongliand so on. These works, dignified and majestic, primitive and simple, exquisite and elegant, odd and unrestrained, fully show the members’ great love to beautiful rivers and mountains of motherland and inspiration to life, express their feelings of pride of being a CAPD member as well as their blessing and ardent love to CAPD.


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