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Modern Chinese Folk Painting---Exhibition of Zhoushan Fisherman Paintings

  • Show Time: 2015-11-22至2015-11-29
  • Venues: Hall 2, 4, 6

The creation of Zhoushan fisherman paintings was started in early 1980s, and spreads throughDinghai, Putuo, Daishan, Shengsi and etc. In 1987, Zhoushan modern folk painting exhibition was on show at National Art Museum of China in Beijing, and obtained unanimous good reputation from the artists in Beijing. In 1988, four counties(regions) including Dinghai, Putuo, Daishan and Shengsi subordinate to Zhoushan were named “the hometown of modern Chinese folk paintings” by the Ministry of Culture.
Zhoushan fisherman paintings originate from sea, are cultured by sea, and are developed from sea. The contents mostly describe the production and labor scenes of fishermen, seaside customs, folklore of sea islandsand etc., attach importance to regional characteristics, and maintain “the fishy smell” and “the uniqueness” to the greatest extent. With untruthfulness in artistic means and truthfulness in life details, intensive contrast is formed through exaggerated and casual style and exquisite production. Besides, it has won over favor from experts and audience at home and abroad with such kind of exaggerated, passionate and dreamlike artistic charm.

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