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Sculpture of Love-Memorial Exhibition of Works and Literatures of the Couple Sculptor Wang Linyi and Wang Henei

  • Show Time: 2015-11-28至2015-12-21
  • Venues: Hall 19-21

The couple, Wang Linyi and Wang Henei were the famous Chinese sculptors in the 20th century. Wang Linyi studied in France in his early years. After he came back to China, he made significant contributions to the development of modern sculpture and sculpture education in China. His wife Wang Henei (former name Renee Nikel) was French with Chinese nationality. With true love for China, the country with ancient civilization, she spent her remaining years till death in China. The married couple engaged in art went through countless hardships and trials, but they still insisted on creation, spent their life with mutual help and relief in humble circumstances, and left numerous works with very high artistic value and historical significance for us.
At the exhibition, with artistic creation of both in different periods of their artistic career as the clue, in three parts including the Purity of Love(1928-1953), the Monument of Love(1953-1955)and the Permanence of Love(1955-1997), through the exhibition of more than 300 pieces of sculptures, painting manuscripts, image literatures, historical data and etc., it demonstrates the touching love of the couple Wang Linyi and Wang Henei as well as the true artistic feelings and the meaningful artistic charm of the couple. Besides, it is desired that more in-depth researches and discussions can be made towards Chinese sculpture history in the 20th century through the exhibition.

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