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Black-and-White South Pole-Exhibition of Dai Jiancheng’s Photographic Works

  • Show Time: 2015-11-22至2015-11-29
  • Venues: Hall 3

Dai Jiancheng, born in Nantong, Jiangsu in 1954, joined the army in 1972, and was transferred to civilian work to another place in 1992. He has studied photography for more than 40 years. The Black-and-White South Pole photographic works exhibition covers top works selected from his published photographic albums.
Dai Jiancheng uses camera to record peculiar landscape of Antarctic continent with black-and-white images vividly. The works to be exhibited this time include fantastic icebergs, penguins full of intelligence and the footprints of explorers. “After watching the exquisite black-and-white photograph beyond compare taken by Mr. Dai, we enter the mysterious scene unconsciously, and appreciate astonishing miracles.” (President of Contact Press Images, Robert Pledge), “His works feature to be magnificent, of great momentum and very strong visual impact” (Documentary photographer Wang Fuchun): The photography master Li Shaobai also evaluates him like this, “The greatest temptation of Black-and-White South Pole created by Mr. Dai Jiancheng to me is that the South Pole ice and snow in the picture is not the evidence of great scenery, but the clue to pursue the kingdom of poetry”.

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