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Excellent Works Exhibition for 50th Anniversary of Department of Fine Arts of Minzu University of China

  • Show Time: 2009-12-15至2009-12-19
  • Venues: Hall 4、6、8
With the advent of China’s 60th birthday, the Department of Fine Arts at Minzu University of China has also ushered a celebration after 50 years of existence. The growth of Minzu University of China’s Department of Fine Arts coincides with the development of higher art education related to China's minority nationalities arts education. During the pass 50 years of development, minority nationality art educators from several generations, with united efforts worked tirelessly in concert. Not only did these scholars bring the fruition of various Chinese minority nationality art’s education, they also made major contributions to related art creation and related scientific research.The pieces on display in this exhibition are of the most powerful breed, representative of teachers and students efforts in recent years. Through display of works in drawing, design, and all other fine arts fields we can see the great achievements of each corresponding area and progress in research and teaching technique. These works undoubtedly demonstrate the faculties’ outstanding ability to cultivate pupils through practical coursework. Moreover, it is a symbol to mark the substantial development of our nation’s minorities’ higher level art education. As is clearly reflected in the pieces themselves the departments teaching techniques focus on ethnic traditions, facing the realities of life, efforts to explore the artistic language of the times in order to seek to go beyond; all of which also represent the exact process of struggle and identity building of artist from several generations at the university. And lastly and importantly, it can be said that just in this way, both the education of and creative industry pertaining to minority nationality art will further evolve through such co-development.Exhibitions 2009 December 13 to December 20 at the China Art Gallery organized by the Minzu University of China, China Artists Association.
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