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Sincere Porcelain: Li Tieying Arts and Crafts Exhibition

  • Show Time: 2009-12-11至2009-12-19
  • Venues: Hall 13、14、15、16、17
Chinese ancient arts and crafts, showing the great creation and wisdom of the working people in all ages, are valuable both materially and spiritually for the Chinese nation. Bound up with people's lives and being practical and aesthetic, it is the perfect combination of art and science.Throughout Mr. Li Tieying's arts and crafts works, at every inch he has created with brushes, colors and knives, we can, with profound insight, feel his sincere sentiments to arts and crafts, his understanding of related culture, his experience and exploration to traditional arts and crafts as well as his integration of subject matters and his choice of decorative forms. It’s easy to see the artist’s individuality, comprehension of arts and crafts, cultural taste plus force and skill in drawing, inscribing and engraving. With a stylized atmosphere, those works are worthy of our comment and praise.In 2009, the 60th anniversary for the People’s Republic of China, we intend to take the occasion of the grand celebration and the National Art Gallery as a platform to organize a large-scale exhibition of arts and crafts, reporting corresponding outcomes to the Party, the State and all the Chinese people, and promoting the development of arts and crafts. We will have a focused and targeted display of those elaborate and unique pieces in the highest level.Through this exhibition, the traditional national culture of arts and crafts and exquisite craftsmanship can be carried forward. Those elaborate articles with the highest artistic standard and worthy of collection and passing down can get uncovered, protected and inherited.Via the display, we show the public the brand of national culture, the new techniques, technologies, materials, ideas of contemporary arts and crafts, as well as new artistic innovations rich in sense of time. The main purpose of the show is to address people's spiritual and cultural needs which play a special and irreplaceable role in human society.
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