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Image of Chu Arts-Exhibition of Hubei calligraphy and seal cutting Exhibition Information

  • Show Time: 2009-12-02至2009-12-10
  • Venues: Hall 3, 7, 9

Located in central China, Hubei Province enjoys convenient transportation. It is the cradle of Chu culture, thus a place with deep cultural deposits. Men of letters such as Qu Yuan, Song Yu and Meng Haoran; politicians like King Zhuang of Chu, Emperor Guangwu of Han and Zhuge Liang; scientists such as Bi Sheng, Li Shizhen and Li Siguang; calligraphers like Mi Fu, Zhang Yuzhao and Yang Shoujing---all these renowned historical figures used to settle in this blessed land. Writings by famous calligraphers Su Dongpo and Huang Tingjian were unearthed here, as well as Guodian Chu and Wohudi Qin Bamboo Slips which attract people’s attention. Inheriting such gorgeous and profound cultural traditions, modern Hubei calligraphers like Huang Xiaogang, Dong Biwu, Tang Zuishi, Zhang Xinruo and Wu Zhangshu made continual innovations, creating distinctive Chu writing style.

For the purpose of displaying Hubei calligraphy’s charm, the Hubei Provincial Publicity Office, Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Calligraphers Association and calligraphy newspaper jointly hold the Image of Chu Arts-Exhibition of Hubei calligraphy and seal cutting in the National Art Museum of China. 190 pieces of works will be on exhibition. All these versatile works contain both traditional and innovative elements. They are a demonstration of modern and contemporary Hubei calligraphers’ pursuit as well as the humanistic approach of Chu calligraphy. They also embody the Chu culture’s succession and development. This exhibition will surely serve as a stage for displaying Hubei calligraphy and its works.

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