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Shui Mo Xing Xiang —— Eight ink portrait exhibition of Chinese National Academy of Art

  • Show Time: 2009-12-03至2009-12-10
  • Venues: Hall 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
Feng Yuan-studio portraits creative study class of Chinese National Academy of Art since opening on March 29, 2008, after nearly two years of study, research and creative preparation, scheduled for December 3, 2009 to 10 in the National Art Museum of China organized , entitled " Shui Mo Xing Xiang" - Eight ink portrait exhibition of Chinese National Academy of Art. Participating the study course are: Wang Ke, Li Yeqing, Li Lianzhi, Li Ben, Zou Liying, Yang Xiaogang, Fan Zhibin, Tan Nailin. Great efforts to promote culture and the arts great development and prosperity, the rise of a new upsurge in socialist cultural construction of today, Chinese painting art of the prospects are encouraging. Studio students under the strict guidance of Feng Yuan and Mr. Zhang Xiaoling, careful research and hard creative, and actively explore, reflect the reality in succession to create multiple themes to explore large-scale works and a series of research works, for innovation in contemporary Chinese Figure Painting the development of the corresponding accumulation of experience, have had a positive impact.
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