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The calligraphic works exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy Culture Institute of Capital Normal University

  • Show Time: 2009-11-22至2009-11-30
  • Venues: Hall 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

In order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of The People's Republic of China, we hold the calligraphic works exhibition of teachers and students of Chinese Calligraphy Culture Institute of Capital Normal University. We want to show the achievements of calligraphy education and hope to hear various views and proposals. The calligraphy major of Capital Normal University was established in 1985 by OuYang Zhongshi, a renowned scholar, calligrapher and calligraphy educator. Chinese Calligraphy Culture Institute which was based on this is the first faculty-level teaching, research institute. Nearly 150 students graduated from this institute for more than 20 years, including Ph.D., MA and Fine Arts MA. Some of them have become the backbone of calligraphy education, creation, research and organizing activity field all over the country.

Our teachers and students paid great attention to this exhibition. They took active part in preparation for the exhibition and revised the works repeatedly. Chinese Calligraphy Culture Institute organized a group of experts to select the excellent works depend on the text and artistic level.

Finally, we selected more than 220 pieces of calligraphic works and another 30 works of invited experts for the exhibition. These works praised some important persons with great achievements and outstanding contributions for the creation and development of New China, and also praised the motherland's great rivers and mountains. In addition, these works of diverse styles indicate the unique cultural values in the world of Chinese calligraphy art through the fertile visual information and the unique aesthetic ideas.

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