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Aspiration on Chinese Ink: Qin Guoren’s Calligraphy Exhibition

  • Show Time: 2009-12-02至2009-12-10
  • Venues: Hall 2
On December 2, “Aspiration on Chinese Ink——Qin Guoren’s Calligraphy Exhibition” will be held in National Art Museum, Beijing. On December 5, more than 500 honored guests of all circles will attend the grand opening ceremony. The Exhibition will display 50 masterpieces of the young Mongolian calligrapher—— Qin Guoren who firstly has personal exhibition in Beijing. His calligraphy works are mainly epigraphy in running script and regular script, combining the artistic elements of tablet of Wei Dynasty, bold bamboo slips, petrogram, cliff stele and copying Buddhist sutras in Han, Wei, Jin and Tang dynasties and adding his own understandings to art and personal emotions, thereby form a whimsical artistic style under his writing brush.Chinese Character Writing is a national culture, and calligraphy art is a carrier of many cultural and artistic elements. Through the Exhibition, the artist Qin Guoren hopes to communicate with and learn from experts and present his learning results to the artistic predecessors and the audience in Beijing, and contribute efforts for promoting national culture and art. The Exhibition will fully showcase the calligrapher’s deep exquisite artistic skill and high artistic level.
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