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Pursuit of Meaning: A Calligraphy Exhibition by Chen Zhenlian

  • Show Time: 2009-12-03至2009-12-10
  • Venues: Hall 1, 4, 6, 8

In December 2009, after over ten years’thinking and practice in calligraphy, Prof. Chen Zhenlian is to hold an exhibition in Beijing: “Pursuit of Meaning: A Calligraphy Exhibition by Chen Zhenlian”. The breakthrough of this exhibition is that it has two independent themes. One takes the standpoint of artistic appreciation: art and aesthetics. It consists of four parts, which show the richness in the exploration of forms and styles, namely a) “Calligraphy of Large Chinese Characterss-Flowing Molding and Structure”, showing a creative space frame of Chinese characters; b) “Ancient Clerical Script-Ancient Techniques in the Rhythm”, stressing the charm of the structure and writing of ancient clerical script; c) “Bamboo- and Wood-Slip Calligraphy-An Analysis and Deepening of the Writing Techniques”, an analysis and study of the writing techniques of the bamboo- and wood-slip calligraphy unearthed in the last one hundred years; and d) “Cursive Calligraphy-Indulgent Line Dancing”,trying to show the passion and mood during the process of writing on with rich cursive techniques. The other standpoint is Reading: academia and culture, which includes three parts, indicating the meaning of academic and cultural pursuits: a) “Visiting the Masters-Experiences and Background”, recording Prof. Chen Zhenlian’s personal contacts with the masters; b) “Reading History at Xiling Seal Engravers Society-Work and Academic Research”, representing Prof. Chen Zhenlian’s work and his study of the history of the Xiling Engravers Society; and c) “Rubbing Inscriptions-Interest and Culture”, a collection of inscriptions done by Chen Zhenlian on the rubbings of steles, grave stones, tiles and pottery from various dynasties.

The seven parts covered in the previous two themes will go into different exhibitioin halls repectively, aiming to put more emphasis on culture while representing the techniques and forms, showing the characteristics of Chen Zhenlian’s calligraphy, which has resulted from Prof. Chen Zhenlian’s goal for art production: “Production Based on Innovation”, “No Action Without Innovation in Thought”, and “Research-Oriented Calligraphy Production”.

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