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The Shen Shengqiu's Personal Exhibition of Oil painting.

  • Show Time: 2006-03-27至2006-04-06
  • Venues: Hall 2
Shen Shengqiu, a member of the Chinese Artists Association, war born in Shenyang in 1949. His creations mainly focus on portraits and figures. His main works include: “Nanjing Massacre” (1990) (together with Feng Fasi) and “Zheng Chenggong Recovers Taiwan” (1996-2004). The historic paintings adopt the monumental composition to weaken the narrative ingredient in the pictures and avoid the depiction of the transient plots, give prominence to the sense of existence of the figure to distinguish it from the narrative illustrations of pictures and fragmented movie of television scenes, highlight the sense of history, the eternity and continuity that outlive the time and space, and pay much attention to the uniformity of part and whole, general and specific. In the form of artistic expression, he highlights the painting style of rusticity and firmness represented by Rembrand in the artistic history of Europe and the style of stone carving and temporal fresco in the Han and Tang Dynasty of China. He devotes himself to the creation of condensed and profound paintings, and gives expression to the oriental artistic value of reticence and aloofness while pursuing the grand symphonic sense of history and importance in his creation.

Shen Shengqiu is absorbed in his artistic creation and never chases after the fashion. He pays attention to the expression to the true personal feelings and the interior vitality of figures. His oil painting boasts firm and steadfast composition, full of strength and rhythm. Through the glorification of youth and life, his works embody the acceptance of value for the very existence of human kind. In recent years, besides the classic painting, he has absorbed the expression techniques of exterior lights of the impressionism, to capture the transient light and shade in the nature and the rich and delicate feelings of human beings. The model becomes more condensed, and the style grows more spontaneous. In his latest creation “Qinggua”, the expression and movement of characters are perfectly merged into the environment, so natural and without even a trace of artificiality. He has gone to the Xishuangbanna of Yunnan province for many times to sketch and depict on the life of Tai nationality. In his opinion, people there live a life more natural and pure. No matter what kind of techniques he chooses, Shen Shengqiu never forgets to incorporate his delicate and unique feeling into the traditional modes, and present the truth of nature through arts.

His works give expression to his piety to arts and his passion to paintings, and incorporate his sincere love towards nature and the plain lives. The tide ebbs and rises, but Shen Shengqiu’s pursuit for the essence and eternal spirit of the art will always fly high.
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