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The First Photo Exhibition of "Clothes of Chinese Citizens"

  • Show Time: 2006-02-13至2006-02-21
  • Venues: Hall 5 & 7
Clothes of citizens are the mirror of the times. Clothes are not only the important index of the material productivity of different times, but also the vivid reflection of life quality and historic culture of people in different times. After the reforming and opening to the outside world, China of which the population accounts for one fifth of the whole world, developed a powerful developing country of great importance in the world from a poor country in which people were poor in food and clothes. The changes in clothes of citizens are quite outstanding. This exhibition is on the purpose of recording this great historic change by camera to keep rich and colorful pictures, reflecting the elegant demeanor of Chinese clothes culture, reflecting the historic transmission from poor to rich by the change of clothes, promoting the development of clothes culture of different nationalities and clothes economy.

There are nearly 300 pieces of photos in this exhibition, which are the prize-winning works of Shanghai World Centre "Clothes of Chinese Citizens" Photo Exhibition. The works are divided into 5 catalogues: Daily life, Nationalities, Fashion, digital and International. The daily life catalogue are the photos of clothes in daily life; nationalities catalogue are the photos of nationalities around the whole country; fashion catalogue are the photos of clothes for T stage, film and photography; digital catalogue is the photos shot and made by digital measures; international catalogue is the photos of Chinese clothes shot by foreigners and oversees students in China.
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