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Chinese Paintings, Paint China-Step into Hong Kong

  • Show Time: 2006-02-13至2006-02-21
  • Venues: Hall 4 & 6
This annual national arts activity "Chinese Paintings, Paint China" is sponsored by Association of China Culture and Arts Development and Promotion, magazine office of Arts, China Artists Association, and organized by Beijing Century Hexie Arts Company. 30 artists are selected nationally to paint one province, publish one album of paintings, and make one exhibition annually, which last 30 years for the whole China. The first arts activity "Chinese Paintings, Paint China-Step into Jiangsu province" was successively accomplished in 2004. The second arts activity "Chinese Paintings, Paint China-Step into Hong Kong" was started in October, 2005 in Hong Kong in which the leaders from HK Civil Administration, China·HK Health Express Fund as well as more than 30 artists from the mainland and HK took part. The artists who attended this "Chinese Paintings, Paint China-Step into Hong Kong" are Liu Dawei, Guo Gongda, Ma Xiguang, Fan Baowen, Zhu Lin'en, Lu Xingtang, Zeng Xianmou, Zhu Songfa, Chen Zhengming, Wang Wei, Wang Qiutong, Li Xiaoke, He Cheng, Cheng Zhenguo, Huang Xiaokui, He Jia'an, Liu Yuan, Zhang Zhiping, Wang Jinshi, Deng Weidong, Bai Yunxiang, Kong Weike, Zeng Xianguo, Yu Long, Nan Xi, Xie Yongzeng, Cai Buguo, Zhang Longxin, Ciren Langjie, Chen Fu, etc. The 90 pieces of paintings are the art works done after one-week of sketch, material-collection in HK. It is the experiment of the new study that how to reflect the modern metropolis by ways of traditional Chinese paintings.
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