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The Exquisite Works of Folk Arts Collection

  • Show Time: 2006-02-13至2006-03-18
  • Venues: Hall 8 & 9
The folk arts of China boast long history, wide distribution and great varieties and forms. In the China National Museum of Fine Arts alone, the collection exceeds 50,000 pieces. This exhibition has been specially sorted out from these collections, and mainly comprised of embroidery works and New Year's Paintings.

The folk embroidery, which was called "Zao (chisel)", or "Needle Embroidery" in the ancient time, is generally known as "Xiuhua (Flower Embroidery)". As most of them are made by the hands of women, it is also named as "Nvhong (Needlecraft)". The embroidery can be traced back to the ancient time. On the unearthed bronze drinking vessels from the Fuhao Tomb of Yin Dynasty, we can spot the traces of embroidery. For thousands of years, the art of embroidery is kept alive and perfected among the people. The embroidery pieces collected in the China National Museum of Fine Arts include the embroidered clothes, skirts, bellybands, strips used to cover the skirt, embroidered shoes, and scrolls of cloth for birthday, pillow tops, money bags, and etc. These pieces of arts, with their abundant designs, exquisite workmanship, bright color and simple formations, artistically bring out the rich and colorful life of common people.

It is an ancient tradition of Chinese people to have New Year's Painting hung up during the Spring Festival, which gives expression to the happiness of seeing off the old and welcoming in the new, and the good wishes of hoping sound climates in the coming year. The wood-plated New Year's Painting enjoys great varieties and forms, including myth and legends, history tales, literature works, theatrical figures, beauties and children, festival customs, plants and animals, production and laboring, and daily life, etc, boasting brilliant characteristics, various styles with strong art impressions and regional features.

The flowery and gorgeous folk arts are the treasure of the folk culture of our nation. The exhibition will present to the spectators these gems of folk arts, and help them to have a taste of the profound native features and culture connotations of our folk arts.
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