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The Print Exhibition of Wen Zuyun

  • Show Time: 2006-03-30至2006-04-07
  • Venues: Hall 9
The print of Wen Zuyun is greatly different from the traditions. His unremitting pursuit of life, love and innovation to the print has endowed him with complete freedom in the form of printing and representation of concept of beauty in his heart. Wen Zuyun no longer restricts himself to the old-style wood-carving tradition, but turns to the comprehensive expression with various techniques. While he gives a full presentation of his adept skills in the wood carving, he creates a new kind of print that highlights profound tinge by complicated and colorful multiple printings techniques that s rarely seen in the tradition. With this special technique, he has broken the rigid restrictions of the tradition on the variety of the prints and adds elements of chance and representation to the art of print, creating varied and rich interests on the beauty of forms. The comprehensive application of these complicated techniques has given new features to the print of Wen Zuyun.
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